About Believe Baits

Denny WelchRosemary WelchMy name is Denny, and my wife, Rosemary, and I are the owners of Believe Baits. I am a semi-retired estate planning attorney and Rosemary is a retired oncology nurse. We live in the small foothill town of Cool, CA, … about 50 miles from Sacramento. Cool has a population of a few thousand enlightened souls and even has its own stop light which always blinks red. You have to drive another seven miles to get a green light. Cool has its own pizza joint (best pepperoni/anchovy on Earth), Post Office (closed an hour for lunch), and Exxon ($.50 extra / gallon). Welcome to small-town America.

It's from here that we manufacture and market top-notch bass baits. I'm the one out in the shop pouring hot lead and plastic while Rosemary is inside the office putting on skirts, applying eyes, packaging orders and the like. We make a great team which results in us making great products.

Our website is fairly typical, but it does have a couple pages that are a little out of the ordinary. The first one is the Fishing Stories page. I have been fishing the better part of 50 years and have accumulated many stories that I think you'll enjoy. Those stories will be added to the site every now and again in the hope that you will enjoy them enough to come back.

The other page is Sunday Sermon. You might think that the title says it all, but you'd be wrong. I encourage you to look at the first "Sermon" and I'll explain there what the page is all about. You can then decide whether to continue reading them. In other words, you have control of the on/off switch.

I've been fishing most of my life. It's a passion. Started with trout and bluegill as a kid, fly fishing as a teen, clubs, taught fly tying, led trips, bass boat, bass tournaments, El Salto, etc. — you get the picture. For as long as I can remember, I have always made most of my own baits. I have tied many thousands of trout and bass flies, poured thousands of jig heads, and have poured so many soft plastic bass baits that it boggles even my imagination. With all that said, my fishing buddies routinely out fish me and to me that's OK. After all, it really is "all about the tug".

Again, welcome to Believe Baits. It's good having you here and we hope you see something you like. You can also find us on Facebook. Please feel free to contact us for any reason, even if it's just to "talk fishing".