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5" Stick Baits: #74s-Gray Goddess

5" Stick Baits: #74s-Gray Goddess

This week we are featuring our #74s Gray Goddess stick bait. At 20% off you can now get our 10 pk at the low price of $3.99. Bass love 'em! Stock up while you can get them at this great price.

10 pk $4.99

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Bass Bait Sample Pack

Bass Bait Sample Pack

We have put together a Bass Baits Sample Pack that includes 16 of the bass baits we offer. This gives you the option of checking out our craftsmanship before you order larger quantities. Each pack will include two of our custom Skirted Jigs, several Soft Baits, and a few of our Leadheads and Weights. (Colors may vary.) This will give you an overall sample of the quality of our products. Fish them and you will see why our motto is Believe Baits Catch Fish. Good fishing everyone!

$9.99 each

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Denny making baitsBelieve Baits Catch Fish

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What We Do (in addition to fishing, of course)

Several years ago we started out making baits for our own personal use which soon became an enjoyable hobby. We enjoyed this hobby beyond our personal needs so the next logical step was to start a home business. All we needed to do was retire from our day jobs. Last year we did just that. Now we can concentrate on providing our customers with a custom made, quality product, at a competitive price, that we know will catch bass because we fish them before we put them on our website.

Our product categories contain multiple types of baits that we use regularly to catch bass. In our Skirted Jigs section we offer several color patterns, each with different head types and weight options. Denny does the lead pouring, painting, and curing. Rosemary designs and puts together the silicone skirt combinations, adding the weed guards and eyes. (Lots of hooks in the fingers so it's a good thing she's a nurse. Ouch!)

Our Soft Baits include worms, tubes, grubs, and trailers that we hand pour using the most eco-friendly and high-quality plastisol available.

In Lead Heads & Weights you'll find drop shot weights, several styles of painted and unpainted jig heads, and weighted tube hooks. As anglers we know the importance of having options for various conditions, so that is what we provide.

We will continue to add products as we find what bass are lovin' these days.

Come on in and look around … we're sure you'll see something that catches your interest. Give our baits a try; we're confident you will be back for more.

Any questions? Want to contribute a fishing story? Contact us. We'd love to hear from you.